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Anyone can agree that leveling in Runescape can be a pain; making money is even worse. Do you want to enjoy the game while leveling and making money faster, so you can truly enjoy the aspects of the game which set it apart from others? Come try out the CodeUSA private server! We have all of Runescape’s current content, skills (well, Dungeoneering and Construction are on the way!), and places. We offer you 16 bosses, Fight Caves, and mini-games like the ones you already love. With a great economy, an active and helpful staff, hiscore tables and signature cards, adventure logs, and an active forum, it’s just like playing the game on a normal server, therefore, we needed to set ourselves aside – by means of a faster than light XP rate of 28.1 to help you enjoy the game for what it is, and not waste as many hours insipidly chopping at a tree or casting your net into the water, allowing for faster money-making and fun.

What’s any game without extras? We also bring to you weekly updates (not to mention one large content update every month) and a downloadable Swift-Kit like client to enhance every aspect of your play. The best part is – everything mentioned above is absolutely free to you! If you so choose, we do also offer membership, increased XP, and higher drop rates for a $10 lifetime cost! The server is ran off a powerful dedicated server, fueled by two quad core 3.2ghz cpus, 16 gigs of ram and a fast internet connection, insuring the update server delivers the caches as fast as possible.

Come have fun!

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So what are you waiting for? Hop into the game, it only takes seconds to make an account. Enjoy leveling up with our fast xp rates. Play to dominate.


Codeusa is the best experience in online gaming you will ever have. With new features weekly, you'll never get bored.


Battle powerful creatures & embark on quest. Remember this is your story, you make it.


At no cost to you whatsoever. Enjoy Codeusa for free and all it's content. We are not pay to win.


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